Saturday, 13 September 2008

7 ways to fight that spare tyre

Do you think you are getting a little heavy around the middle? Here are seven diet tips to fight flab from nutritionists who spoke to WedMD
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Investor sues Goldman over HK$60m loss

The owner of one of Hong Kong’s leading beauty parlour chains claims that she is HK$60 million out of pocket after one customer got more than facial treatments out of their relationship
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Mainland plays bear brunt of HK sell-off

Analysts expect Hong Kong’s blue chips to remain under pressure over the next few weeks from weakness in the United States and mainland equity markets
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Vanke refuses property refunds in price row

China Vanke has rejected demands for refunds or compensation by customers who bought properties before it cut prices in late August, in a move analysts said could make potential buyers even more wary of the cooling real estate market.
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S&P forecasts rise in bad loans amid global slump

Mainland lenders will see a gradual increase in bad loans taken out by property developers and troubled export-oriented manufacturers amid a global economic slowdown, says Standard & Poor’s.
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Managed funds sink on lack of investor appetite

The local fund management industry has limped through this year as investors lose appetite for their products amid staggering market volatility, according to a report released yesterday by the Hong Kong Investment Funds Association.

Many Chinese have lost huge amount of money in mutual funds; now it's very difficult to raise new funds including QDII funds. Singapore will not see QDII funds buying our S-shares for a while.
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Bank of America ‘likely to win Lehman’

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Melco dives after partner reports VIP chip sales drop

Who says casinos are immune from economic downturn?
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Real estate woes spread as sales plummet

Coastal cities in mainland China have had the steepest downturns
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Poverty draws Chinese to unsafe mines

Why anyone would choose to work in China’s often deadly mining industry must surely be a mystery until you talk to people like Lu Renyan. For him, poverty is the motivating factor, given the potential financial rewards.
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Firms put IPOs on hold in hope of better times

Some are wary of listing now, others abort plans for fear of poor interest
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‘Dream Team’ remisiers fined by MAS

UOB Kay Hian duo failed to make timely disclosure of directorships in other firms
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Assuming the worst about Lehman

Bear Stearns bailout which was meant to prevent the crisis from spreading has only helped prolong it
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Bargains lure foreign cash into A-shares

Foreign institutions bought heavily into mainland-listed stocks last month, a fresh sign that overseas investors are hunting bargains as two-thirds of the market’s capitalisation have evaporated
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Daryl Guppy on Inverted Charts

CEO of, explains how we can make our naturally bullish bias work in our favor during a bear market
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Friday, 12 September 2008

May All Your Dreams Come True

Watch the show

Not Time for Bottom-Fishing - Andy Xie

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Wall St Journal Asia sued by Singapore Govt

A-G’s Chambers takes issue with 3 articles in Wall Street Journal Asia
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Expensive gifts to teachers spark debate in China

From overseas holidays to luxury villa stays, the practice of extravagant giving poses an ethical and legal dilemma among the teaching profession
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Discovering the ‘real’ China

Most first-time visitors to China find it very different from their prior notions of the country and its people, which have been shaped by media reports, hearsay and personal biases
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When S-shares Bubble Burst

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An intelligent and beautiful woman 孝莊 oversaw 3 emperors.


Another good historical series with famous beauty 陈圆圆。


I like to share this 50-part historical series with you. To live a rogue Liu Bang or die a hero Han Xin?
Site 1
Site 2

FTSE STI semi-annual review

This review features three investability weight (IW) changes. There are upgrades in the IWs of Singapore Telecom, to 50% from 40%, and Genting, to 40% from 30%. Wilmar, by contrast, has its IW downgraded to 20% from 40%, resulting in a circa 2.4% weighting cut.
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FTSTI Composite Changes wef 22 Sept 2008

The new changes only make the STI more skewed towards the Jardine group of companies. Now with the thinly traded JSH, Jardine C&C and JMH included, it will be easier to manipulate the STI by the hidden hands.

One observation: FTSTI is managed by the English, Jardine Group is also managed by the English. And let's not forget the opium trade was managed by the English.

China Property Market Set for ‘Meltdown,’ Morgan Stanley Says

Property and bank stocks in SSE and HSI will be under selling pressure with this kind of news. So how to expect both indices to reverse up so soon?

HSI Technical Analysis

However, do observe that the 10-day Rate of Change (ROC) of the index on the daily chart has not yet reached its support. The index is inclined to decline further before any short-lived rebound.

On the positive front, the index could see a potential corrective rally set up at the 19,351-19,387 area. 19,387 was the prior low on the daily chart while 19,351 is 0.618x swing target on the weekly chart.

We expect any corrective rally to be contained by the downtrend resistance near 20,800. Our stance is SELL into rallies...
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Thursday, 11 September 2008

Real estate markets across China join general slump

The United States, Britain, Spain and other countries suffering from real estate market downturns now have fresh company: China.
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U.S. Treasury move may also bail out Asia

With its unprecedented takeover of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac this week, the U.S. government may have also bailed out Asia’s markets by stanching a heavy flow of equity capital out of the region.
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Fed May Be Buying Rubbish

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac used accounting rules that created a “house of cards” as the housing market descended into its worst slump since the Great Depression.
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More banks closure are in the showing

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Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Beijing censors financial websites

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Big investors shifting money from stocks to safer products

HSBC poll finds fund houses have dim view of Asia equities
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Mainland investors dump HK assets

Incomplete transactions are forfeited or units sold at a loss amid global credit crunch
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Testing times for developers

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Asian developers turn to Islamic funds amid credit crunch

When Cambridge Industrial Trust declared itself Singapore’s first sharia-compliant property trust in July, many analysts dismissed it as a gimmick.

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Beijing travel curbs add to Macau market misery

China can also curb travel to Singapore if too many Chinese lose money at our IRs. Then who is going to feed our 2 IRs?

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Despite the GSE package announced by the U.S. authorities over the weekend, emerging market share prices have remained under siege. There are two undercurrents driving the accelerating sell-off: massive liquidation by long-term investors; and concerns about the next casualty in the U.S. financial system (like the Lehman Brothers, whose stock price is collapsing amid speculation the firm could be heading into bankruptcy).

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Australian doctor charged with assaulting patients

SYDNEY, Australia - Police arrested a former gynaecologist on Wednesday and charged him with 17 counts of sexually assaulting and mutilating patients during surgery.

Imagine if a doctor telling you he's going to cut off your cock when you are falling asleep on anaesthesia?

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Chinese Local Governments Set Out to “Save” the Housing Market

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Tuesday, 9 September 2008

The Conman

Part 1
Part 2

Is it time to buy China?

With China making new ytd lows and the Beijing Olympics having concluded, we examine the case to turn more positive.

Not yet, according to Goldman Sachs. At the macro level, growth and inflation are not yet low enough to warrant a shift to a stimulative policy bias. On the micro level, we anticipate further declines to consensus earnings forecasts. Neither issue is fully discounted by the market, in our view.

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Rogers says daughters are his best investment

Commodities king wants them ready for China’s century

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Acronym for WIFE?

China’s first seven star hotel to be built in Sanya, Hainan

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Monday, 8 September 2008

Belly unhealthy

Pot belly in men is a common symptom of ageing, as lower levels of testosterone cause fat to accumulate at the waist

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China’s Real Estate Developers Waiting on Dangerous Times

This month, China’s leading real estate developers will bring to market a fresh supply of new housing. In previous years, this would find home buyers out in force, snapping up properties no matter what the price. But this year it will come as a severe test as the housing market continues to decline and sales of new homes have become extremely difficult.

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If IPO conditions are so bearish, who is subscribing?

There’s no denying that the initial public offer (IPO) market is in pretty bad shape - about 90 per cent of IPOs this year are below their offer prices and anyone brave enough to list now is almost guaranteed to see their shares trade at a first-day discount.

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Not safe on N-S Highway, even in convoy

It's the driver, not the car. An embarrassment to Ferrari that a 430 can't outrun a C-class. I've always said, many monetary rich Ferrari owners buy the car to show off, but they are poor drivers.

I'd once commented somebody's Ferrari 360 couldn't outrun my Boxster on a B-road. He has hated me every since! (Some people in the stockbroking industry know who I am referring to)

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Why the bear market is alive and well

Based on the price-to-earnings ratio, U.S. stocks have actually become more expensive even as share prices have come tumbling down. In fact, the P/E ratio for the Standard & Poor’s 500-stock index, based on earnings over the previous four quarters, has risen to just over 24 from around 19, according to S&P.

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Sunday, 7 September 2008

Signs of mainland property bust increasingly ominous

Anyone who thinks China has successfully escaped the sort of property market and banking sector crisis that has hit the United States and Britain over the past year might like to think again. The signals get more ominous all the time.

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Shanghai home prices fall 24pc

Research report contradicts 0.2pc decline in official figures

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China - To Rescue or Not to Rescue

Economists Debate Slumping House Market

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Key points from the August employment report:

Remember that the unemployment rate peaks at the end of or after the end of a recession.

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