Thursday, 2 July 2015

NUS sacks law professor, Sundram Peter Soosay, who attacked cabby

The National University of Singapore on Monday (Jun 29) terminated the appointment of Sundram Peter Soosay, the assistant law professor who was sentenced to four months jail last Friday for punching and causing hurt to a taxi driver.

Dino Petrus Johannes van Deijzen, cabby attacker’s jail term raised to 3 months

He beat up a cabby who threatened to call the police if he did not pay the fare, failed to apologise, and instead portrayed himself as the victim.

Torture ‘not okay’: Former FBI agent

As for those who say torture is justified, in light of the people that lose their lives in terror attacks, Mr Soufan said: “Your job is not to prosecute and not to take revenge to get the truth and get the information. So just because somebody murdered, somebody raped, does not mean it is okay to torture that individual.

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Tired of protest and conflict, Hongkongers give July 1 pro-democracy march the cold shoulder

As thousands of Hong Kong protesters flocked to Victoria Park for the July 1 pro-democracy march, some chose to give the annual ritual the cold shoulder.

El Nino and its effects on the world


Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Most of the out-of-date frozen meat found in China from United States

Expired frozen meat smuggled into China, sometimes decades old, is mainly old food reserves from the United States and is distributed to smaller cities around the country before it is sold to food stalls and small restaurants, according to a newspaper report.

Japan’s Unesco bid omits history of slave labour, former POWs claim

Former US prisoners of war have expressed “serious reservations” about Tokyo’s application to have several industrial facilities recognised as World Heritage sites, saying many were used as “industrial prisons” for slave labourers in the Second World War.

Monday, 29 June 2015

Dark condos point to supply overhang

A year after lensmen from The Business Times put together a photo essay on “dark condos” to highlight the rising vacancies in the private housing market, they have gone in search of an update of the situation.

Beijing to move local government out of city centre

For more than 65 years, government officials in Beijing have tried to emulate China’s imperial rulers, working and living in the city centre near the emperor’s old palace, the Forbidden City.

About 60 people demonstrate outside Singapore Trade Office in Taipei; call for Amos Yee’s release

About 60 people demonstrated outside the Singapore Trade Office in Taipei on Friday morning, calling for teenage blogger Amos Yee to be freed.

One driver explains how he is helping to rip off Uber in China

James Li was unhappy with his pay as a security guard in Shanghai, so he started driving on weekends for Uber Technologies Inc. He’s almost tripled his pay - in part by scamming the company.