Thursday, 14 November 2013

Xi Jinping shows muscle by setting up panels on economic reform, security

The creation of two new panels to oversee economic reform and national security provides perhaps the strongest sign yet that President Xi Jinping has successfully consolidated power across the government after a year in office.

Impatient Beijing subway commuters get the better of German fare machines

Superior foreign technology often fails when put to the test in China’s different market conditions

‘Little emperors’ harden up on reality TV shows

Spoiled children taken out of their comfort zones prove to be surprisingly independent

Bombing exoneration for Fujian man 12 years on exposes China legal abuses

Beaten so badly he repeatedly tried to kill himself, when Chen Keyun signed his confession to bombing a Chinese Communist party office he was not even sure what it said.

Monday, 11 November 2013

Frustrated Hong Kong women head to mainland China in search of love

Unhappy with ‘limited options’ at home, more of the city’s singles are turning to matchmaking events over the border to find a life partner

Chinese Americans protest across US over Jimmy Kimmel’s ‘kill Chinese’ skit