Saturday, 13 July 2013

Hong Kong lawmakers slam Washington for Snowden censure

The US is like a villain suing the victim before the victim could prosecute him. It’s completely disrespectful of Hong Kong and its citizens.

Formula makers facing an end to plump profits

Chinese mothers’ fears of contaminated milk powder may no longer benefit foreign producers

Probe puts foreign milk powder prices in spotlight

Price-fixing investigation forces overseas baby formula manufacturers to cut prices in China after brands have steadily become more expensive

Microsoft helped NSA, FBI access user info: Guardian

Microsoft Corp worked closely with United States (US) intelligence services to help them intercept users’ communications, including letting the National Security Agency (NSA) circumvent email encryption, the Guardian reported on Thursday.

NSA, Israel created Stuxnet worm together to attack Iran, says Snowden

America’s National Security Agency helped Israel code the Stuxnet computer worm used to attack Iranian nuclear facilities several years ago, according to former NSA contractor and whistle-blower Edward Snowden.

Snowden tells of ‘5 eyes’ spy network

US, Britain, Australia, New Zealand, Canada have deep intelligence connection that goes beyond sharing data, whistle-blower says

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Latin American nations fuming over NSA spying allegations

Irate Latin American nations are demanding explanations from the United States about new allegations that it spied on both allies and foes in the region with secret surveillance programs.

NSA 'spied' on most Latin American nations

The U.S. National Security Agency has targeted most Latin American countries in its spying programs, with Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil and Mexico ranking among those of highest priority for the U.S. intelligence agency, a leading Brazilian newspaper reported on Tuesday.

How to leak and not get caught


Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Xi issues new rules to rein in PLA excesses

President moves to consolidate control over army and says military must take the lead to protect authority of the Communist Party

Has Xi's graft crackdown run out of steam?

Analysts say candid coverage of 'consultations' may indicate leadership lacks will to take action

Singapore’s open door to billionaires shuts out logic

Brigadier general calls the shots but his top brass will struggle with his wonky economics

Samsung Still Asia’s Most Popular Brand, Beats Apple


Brazil to probe local telecom operators over alleged U.S. spying


Snowden affair clouds U.S. attempts to press China to curb cyber theft


Sunday, 7 July 2013

Fung shui masters hit out at former colleague Peter Chan

Under fire in the courts, pursued by creditors and the taxman, Peter Chan Chun-chuen is also in trouble with leaders of his former profession.

Peter Chan gets 12 years’ jail for forging late tycoon Nina Wang’s will

Former fung shui master granted individual cell in Stanley Prison after judge describes him as ‘shameless, cruel and extremely greedy’

Peter Chan: reinvention of a nobody with a big smile

He was just married, living in a public housing flat, when he met the woman who made him her HK$2.7b penthouse lover

In Okinawa, Talk of Break From Japan Turns Serious

In a windowless room in a corner of a bustling market where stalls displayed severed pigs’ heads and bolts of kimono silk, Okinawans gathered to learn about a political idea that until recently few had dared to take seriously: declaring their island chain’s political independence from Japan.

Xi Jinping seeks changes in way party cadres are selected

A slew of high-profile scandals involving senior Communist Party officials in recent months prompted President Xi Jinping to call for a fundamental overhaul of the appointment and promotion regime for cadres during a recent national conference on the promotion of meritocracy.

Merkel says EU must not forget U.S. spying in push for free trade


Three Latin American leftist leaders offer asylum to Snowden


BRICS emerging economies to expand co-operation on internet security

The cyber snooping saga pushes the major emerging economies, including China, to reduce reliance on American technology