Saturday, 2 March 2013

Squeeze on 70,000 mid-skilled foreigners

About one in two S Pass holders will be affected by new approval system

New breed of 'private equity' scams target China retail investors

Thousands of retail investors in the Chinese city of Tianjin say they were tricked out of more than US$500 million by sellers of illegal wealth management products - part of a growing problem stemming from China's rush to develop its private equity sector.

Chiang Mai locals shocked by 'rude' Chinese tourists

A tendency to not flush the toilet.
Flouting traffic laws when driving, riding a bicycle, or parking their car.
Being loud - even in five-star hotels.
Littering, spitting, queue-jumping.
Allowing children to defecate in public pools.
Terrible English-language skills that lead to difficulties in communication.

Monday, 25 February 2013

Graft-fighters' suicides linked to pressure of Xi's corruption crackdown

Analyst speculates that spate of deaths could be due to Xi Jinping's tough stance on corruption

Xi Jinping vows to uphold constitution and rule of law

Communist Party General Secretary Xi Jinping pledged yesterday to uphold the constitution and promote rule of law during a Politburo seminar, according to state media.

Public anger over case of son of General Li Shuangjiang accused of rape

Latest case of scion of party cadre acting as if he was above law, a general’s son accused of being involved in attack on girl in Beijing hotel