Thursday, 4 October 2012

So, where have all the mainland spenders gone?

Apparently, the shopping sentiment in Hong Kong has changed a lot since the last holiday season.

Monday, 1 October 2012

Elite and Deft, Xi Aimed High Early in China

Thirty years ago,a young government official with a plum job in Beijing made an odd request: reassignment to a poor rural area.

Boom city Dongguan faces bankruptcy as village debts soar

Dongguan’s derelict factories and huge deficits send chilling warning to a China in slowdown

Seven rising stars tipped to lead sixth generation of China’s leaders

They were born in the 1960s, grew up in a time of economic change and could finally deliver on reform
Hu Chunhua is the party secretary of Inner Mongolia

Sun Zhengcai is the party boss in Jilin province
Zhang Qingwei is the governor of Hebei province

Zhou Qiang is the party secretary of Hunan province

Party veteran Li Rui, still pushing for reform in China at age 95

Li Rui joined the Communist Party in the 1930s, and is still actively campaigning for democracy and the rule of law

Indonesia’s booming coal capital flourishes with Chinese help

The global economic slowdown that has battered the resource sector this year has spared Indonesia’s coal capital Balikpapan, which is forging ahead with a recession-defying infrastructure upgrade, partly funded by China.

Big money bets on China growing old, and rich


Secrets of China’s economic future revealed; International Bag City

But the US$236 million trading centre Shi is building in this coastal town about 100 kilometres from Shanghai is more than a place for foreign fashionistas to find the perfect purse.

It aims to help local firms develop their own domestic brands and markets and start scaling the global value chain.