Saturday, 16 June 2012

Arrested spy compromised China’s U.S. espionage network

A Chinese state-security official arrested this year on allegations of spying for Washington is suspected to have compromised some of China’s U.S. agents in a major setback that angered President Hu Jintao, sources said.

Submersible sets new China dive record

A manned Chinese submersible on Friday set a new record for the country’s deepest ever sea dive at 6,000 metres (19,685 feet), state media said.

Mercury found in China baby formula

Chinese dairy maker Yili said it had started recalling batches of baby formula after authorities found they contained high levels of mercury, in the latest food safety scare to hit the country.

Luxury property market has 'practically collapsed'

Given present market conditions, it is less likely that the government will roll out new property cooling measures, said economist Chua Hak Bin from Bank of America Merrill Lynch (Singapore).

Friday, 15 June 2012

Women has Virgina Operations to Revivie Sex Life

About 10 years ago, she caught sight of her nether regions in a mirror and began obsessing about how "dark" it was.
It bothered the management consultant so much that she began losing interest in sex.
She eventually decided to go for labiaplasty to reduce the size and lighten the colour of her labia.

Different types of procedures for women
Like a virgin again

China poised for most ambitious space mission yet

China will launch three astronauts, including a mother of one who flies transport planes, to live and work on a space station for about a week, a major step in its goal of becoming only the third nation with a permanent base orbiting Earth.

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Yangon looking prepared for flood of investment, tourism

Singapore presence strongly visible from umbrella shelters to publications

The art of keeping land idle in China

Beijing revises rules but enforcing them against developers is another issue

Mainland media must clean up its act

Hu Shuli says the practice of a pay-off in return for good press hurts journalists’ credibility and undermines their role as a public watchdog, to society’s detriment

China’s banks in no position to launch fresh lending stimulus

2012 is not 2009, and a below-the-surface shift in the financial landscape means the way the country responded to the last crisis cannot be repeated this time

China Property Bounces Back, but Analysts Are Worried

China’s property sector, which has suffered from seven consecutive months of price declines after a slew of government tightening measures, is staging a surprising turnaround, boosted by the central bank’s recent monetary policy easing.

Billions needed to keep market fresh

If Beijing is to meet its target of halving food waste, it will have to invest in cold chain facilities, say experts

16 medical officials investigated for graft

Hospital chiefs and department heads at centre of corruption inquiry in Shenzhen

Late-term abortion forced on woman

Shaanxi family planning officials are alleged to have abducted and later forced a seven-month pregnant female to abort her foetus against her will this month

Shortcut to a home-grown Ferrari

Chinese car makers are hiring foreign designers in an attempt to build globally recognised brands

Kunming Changshui Airport


Broken pole repaired by China Telecom with adhesive tapes

‘Bo prostitute’ lies made public hate me, says Zhang

Film star Zhang Ziyi says defamatory reports claiming she had sex with disgraced former Chongqing party secretary Bo Xilai for money, made her the object of hatred, contempt and ridicule, according to a writ filed in the High Court.

Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi sues paper over sex claims

Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi has sued Hong Kong's leading newspaper the Apple Daily and its sister weekly Next Magazine over reports that she prostituted herself with senior Chinese officials.

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Veteran China graft lawyer to work for ousted Bo's wife

The family of Gu Kailai, the Chinese leader's wife suspected of murdering a British man and igniting a political firestorm, has hired a Beijing lawyer experienced in defending officials accused of corruption to work for her, two sources have said.


Reforms open Myanmar tourist floodgates

The hotels are full or eye-wateringly expensive, creased dollar bills are worthless and credit cards are widely refused -- welcome to Myanmar, Asia's next big tourist destination.