Friday, 3 February 2012

Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Hotel chains show interest in Myanmar

But most say it’s still too early to make concrete moves

Made-in-America seen making a return in 5 years

The notion of America winning back jobs from China in a big way seems as likely as In-n-Out opening a store in Hong Kong. Oh, wait.

New Asian buyers thirst for fresh wine tastes

Global economic uncertainty has hit the Asian wine market, with demand falling for top Bordeaux at Sotheby’s first Hong Kong wine auction of the year in mid-January, leaving many bottles unsold.

Falling wine prices hint at a hard landing ahead

Hong Kong auctions of top drops have been disappointing this year, pointing to a squeeze on liquidity on the mainland and wider implications for the economy

China’s reality lost in translation, Davos told

The West has a skewed view of China which Beijing has to fix if it wants a better reception when it goes shopping abroad, business and political leaders said at the Davos forum Thursday.

China’s Hidden Wealth Feeds an Income Gap

The Chinese economy is a little like the Milky Way: we keep discovering it’s larger than we thought, the difference may run in the trillions, and much is hidden from view.

Big bad China? US crying wolf

Despite the political posturing, Americans still hold most of their country’s debt, and still make most of the profit off everything that’s sold there