Saturday, 13 August 2011

Japanese Rare Earth Consumers Set Up Shop in China


Home comfort for divorcees’ folks

Mainlanders whose parents buy them property when they marry will keep it if they divorce

Banks told to tighten grip on property market loans

Expected impact from Beijing’s efforts to cool an overheated market prompts regulator to urge lenders to protect themselves from price plunge

Deadly accident exposes government fault lines

Differences in public statements about high-speed trains reveal divisions over the national system

Thursday, 11 August 2011

A truly open government is one that welcomes public involvement

Beijing’s latest circular on transparency will have bite only if channels are in place to give voice to people’s views and seek their support

Beijing puts brakes on railways

High-speed trains will be ordered to slow down and approval for new lines suspended as investigation into fatal Wenzhou disaster continues

Into uncharted waters

Yesterday’s maiden sail of reconditioned Varyag seen as major step towards PLA’s decades-long ambition to have a naval force capable of projecting Chinese strength

Uncertain times for Asian Markets


China awash with counterfeit vintage wine

“There is more Lafite 82 in China than was produced in France. So you really have to be wary if you find any of that in China,” he told AFP.

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

China launches first aircraft carrier on maiden sea trial

China launched its first aircraft carrier for a maiden run on Wednesday, a step likely to boost patriotic pride at home and jitters abroad about Beijing’s naval ambitions.

Monday, 8 August 2011

Hard landing may be good medicine

Short-term crisis, while painful, could give policymakers a chance to steer mainland economy onto a healthier growth path for the long term

Business blooming in China risk detection

Agricultural firms are trying to get buyers back on their side, while investors turn to investigators to verify the claims companies make about their assets

Beijing housing woes eased by state subsidy schemes

More people getting homes at a fraction of market rate

The latest fake - Shanxi’s famed mature vinegar

Producers omit fermented vinegar, use additives and even industrial acetic acid to make condiment

Red Cross health project ‘a scam to sell insurance’

Carers at community service stations were working undercover for China Life, TV investigation reveals

Military spending cause of US debt: China

The United States must rethink its huge military outlays, big footprint abroad and summon the courage to defuse debt woes, Chinese state-run media said on Monday, reflecting the political pressures on Beijing with its big stash of dollar assets.

Drive to close illegal golf courses flops

Just 10 of 600 clubs on the mainland have full government approval, and many take water illegally, but crackdown efforts have been distinctly under par

Lessons from China’s deadly train accident

The deadly train collision near Wenzhou underlines the incongruous fact that despite China’s soaring economy, vestiges remain of the ultra-left ideology behind the Great Leap Forward campaign more than 50 years ago.

More secret ‘black jails’ exposed in the capital

More secret prisons locking up petitioners in Beijing have been exposed by mainland media, after several similar facilities were revealed to the public in the past couple of years.

Mainland soy milk drinkers up in arms

Consumers angered to discover restaurant chains and fast-food giant are serving powdered drinks

All eyes on the PLA’s new guard

All eyes on A reshuffle of the Central Military Commission will see veteran officers replaced and some ‘princelings’ expected to follow in the footsteps of famous fathers

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Ouch! U.S. booted from Triple-A debt club

The Triple-A debt club just got even more exclusive: Late Friday, the United States was booted out of a prestigious group of countries that boast a spotless credit rating.

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