Friday, 27 May 2011

SGH warns against evangelising

Christian volunteer told to leave after complaint by a Taoist patient’s son

Thursday, 26 May 2011

How Do I Live

You Light Up My Life

Crossing the legal divide with the mainland

Fai Hung Cheung, a litigation partner at Allen & Overy, discusses the nuts and bolts of civil litigation on the mainland

Another blow for mainland web users

Popular internet tool used to get round the ‘Great Firewall’ censor is being disrupted

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Cut US voting share on IMF, says PBOC adviser

Emerging markets should have more say on who is next boss, urges policy committee member

China set to unearth shale power

But China may have more energy riches under its own soil than policy makers in the world's second-largest economy ever dared imagine.

Beijing wary as new US military strategy emerges

PLA officer warns of response to Pentagon plan to integrate forces

For Many Chinese, New Wealth and a Fresh Face

Even in a blue-striped hospital bathrobe, her face wiped clean of makeup and marked with purple lines by her surgeon, the young woman who called herself Devil embodied an image of beauty widely admired in China: large, luminous eyes, a delicate nose and softly sculpted cheekbones.

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Qi Baishi's painting sold for record 425.5m yuan at auction

The painting was intended as a gift to China's former leader, Chiang Kai-shek

Hong Kong’s dangerous mainland liaisons

Increasing integration with Beijing carries risks

Monday, 23 May 2011

Big pay cuts on the cards

PMO calls for ‘significant discount’ in ministers’ pay relative to private sector

Flying shark jet ready for its next challenge

Flight tests for new carrier plane

Beijing unlikely to listen in US lecture on human rights

“It used to be that raising these issues would get you a lecture about how China has made huge improvements and needs to make more progress,” said the diplomat.

“But now the lecture is much more about, ‘Who are you to criticise me? What right have you to criticise China?’”

Foreigners attracted to Thai ‘rose of the north’

Cooler, more affordable Chiang Mai appeals to investors and retirees

China should stop trying to silence its people’s voice

‘They feel they are sitting on a volcano,’ said a prominent Chinese academic when explaining why the government is cracking down on its critics.

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Flagship of cultural heritage tarnished

It’s seen as a sacred place by millions, but the theft of artefacts, inept management and greed at the Palace Museum in the Forbidden City has stunned a nation

Apocalypse not: doomsday prediction falls flat

The prophecy of the end of the world ended with a whimper, not a bang, Saturday as life went on as usual despite warnings of Judgment Day by a US preacher which provoked panic in some quarters and parties in others.

Apocalypse almost: World waits for Rapture

Warnings by a US fundamentalist preacher that Saturday is Judgment Day have sent some people into hiding or scrambling to repent, while others are planning parties to wave off good Christians.

No Fear - Ajahn Brahm

Dealing with Difficult People - Ajahn Brahm

Qingdao aims to harness the sea for its growth

Shandong city wants to be shipping hub and marine industry centre

Sichuan police apologise for beating teacher

Sichuan police have apologised to a middle school after one of its teachers was severely beaten by seven policemen who mistook him for a fugitive, even though students and teachers tried to intervene.

In China, Fear of Fake Eggs and ‘Recycled’ Buns

But a stomach-turning string of food-safety scandals this spring, from recycled buns to contaminated pork, makes it clear that official efforts are falling short. Despite efforts to create a modern food-safety regimen, oversight remains utterly haphazard, in the hands of ill-trained, ill-equipped and outnumbered enforcers whose quick fixes are even more quickly undone.

US in new push to break ‘Great Firewall’

The United States plans to pump millions of dollars into new technology to break through internet censorship overseas amid a heightened crackdown on dissent in China, officials said on Tuesday.

Most Expensive Cities in Asia