Monday, 17 October 2011

Badly injured child left for dead in traffic

Passers-by look the other way after two-year-old is struck three times by two vehicles in an alley

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Badly injured child left for dead in traffic

Passers-by look the other way after two-year-old is struck three times by two vehicles in an alley

Ng Tze-wei in Beijing
17 October 2011

A two-year-old girl in Guangdong is in a critical condition after she was run over by two vehicles, leaving her lying in her own blood as she was ignored by more than a dozen people, until a woman scavenging through rubbish raised the alarm.

Closed-circuit footage of the accident obtained by Guangdong media has circulated rapidly online, generating outrage over the morality and cold-blooded response of drivers and passers-by.

According to Southern Television Station, which obtained footage of the incident, Wang Yue , known by friends and family as Yueyue, had run into an alley from her parents’ shop in a metal wares market in Foshan late Thursday afternoon, looking for her brother.

She was struck by a white minivan which had suddenly accelerated, driving over her body with one of its front wheels. The driver of the van halted briefly but did not get out. He then accelerated away, with the back wheel striking Yueyue.

Three people walked past Yueyue, two of whom seemed to notice her, before a truck drove over her with the driver apparently failing to see her.

According to Guangdong media, more than a dozen passers-by then walked or drove past Yueyue, including a middle-aged woman with a young girl tagging along. No one stopped to help.

Nearly seven minutes after the minivan ran over Yueyue a woman collecting rubbish saw her and tried to lift her up, but found her motionless. She then moved Yueyue to the side of the road and asked people about her family.

The footage then shows a young woman - later identified as Yueyue’s mother - run out, see Yueyue and immediately carry her away.

Yueyue was taken to hospital in Foshan on Thursday evening, when doctors removed part of her skull to release pressure on the brain. She was transferred to the ICU of the PLA hospital in Guangzhou, where a doctor said yesterday that when Yueyue arrived she was nearly “brain dead” and that her vital signs were weak. Her condition had not improved by yesterday.

Yueyue’s 31-year-old father, who declined to give his full name, told the South China Morning Post yesterday that he felt helpless and angry at the people who did not stop to help. He wanted to ask the driver of the first minivan: “What did your parents or your teachers teach you? Is making money all that matters?

“I wonder if the driver tried to kill my daughter because he thought that by doing so he wouldn’t have to pay as much compensation?”

The police have reportedly arrested the second driver and, according to the girl’s father, the first driver has also been arrested. The first driver even called Yueyue’s father, saying that he was willing only to pay some compensation but not to turn himself in.

“If it was you who hit someone, you’d run too,” the driver reportedly told Yangcheng Evening News, blaming the child for the accident. “You can see the little girl, looking around when she walked. If she walked properly, how could I hit her?”

The father said Yueyue ran into the alley to look for her seven-year-old brother.

His wife ran out looking for her, but in a different direction.

“Now, I’m waiting for her to get better. She used to be such a active and happy child; all the neighbours liked her,” he said.