Friday, 5 August 2016

Why do Chinese think differently from the West?

Without understanding these fundamental differences in language, context and decision-making under uncertainty, it would be difficult to bridge the yawning gap between both sides of the Pacific.   It also means that the Chinese approach to economics and geo-politics will be quite different than is more commonly interpreted outside China. 

Singapore-bound Taipei rep sorry for drink driving

Taiwan's new representative to Singapore, Mr Antonio Chiang, has apologised for drink driving, saying that one should never drive after drinking alcohol.

How the US Misjudged the South China Sea, Part II

In Part I, we looked at U.S. actions and strategy in the South China Sea (SCS), and how U.S. policy so far has failed to achieve its desired result. The main reason for this is that U.S. strategy is based on a misunderstanding of China’s actions and goals in the SCS. In Part II, we examine China’s stance in the SCS and its response to U.S. actions.

Thursday, 4 August 2016

Taiwan's new envoy to Singapore, Antonio Chiang, accused of drink driving

Taiwan's new representative to Singapore Antonio Chiang has been arrested for drink driving - just hours after being sworn in for his job, the island's media reports said.

Can NASA and China work together in space?

Meeting offers hope that decades-old freeze on space cooperation could be thawing


How the US Misjudged the South China Sea, Part I

Since President Barack Obama took office in 2008, his administration has made achievements in both domestic and foreign affairs. In terms of politics and diplomacy, he is committed to become a peaceful president through conducting smart power diplomacy, which so far has included promoting his vision of a world free of nuclear weapons; ending the war in Iraq; accelerating withdrawal of forces and the end of military mission in Afghanistan; restraining U.S. involvement in Libya and Syria; championing the Iran nuclear deal framework; and normalizing relations with Cuba.

Yum! Brands, McDonald's look for buyers as Chinese tastes shift

When it comes to China's multi-billion dollar fast food industry, Yum! Brands and McDonald's Corp are living large, enjoying a combined 38 per cent share of the market in 2015. Yum's KFC restaurant chain and the Golden Arches have long enjoyed a run of super-sized growth as consumers craved a taste of Americana.

Indonesian tax amnesty pitch: bring it home to a new home

Indonesians who have stashed billions of dollars abroad over the years can now bring their hoard safely back home - literally, to a newly bought condo.

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

S$50m unauthorised investment by Mindef among lapses flagged by AG

Auditor-General says some of the lapses led to loss of revenue and raised concerns about governance in government departments and stat boards

Employment Pass holders must soon have higher minimum pay

Qualifying salary for foreigners to be hired on Employment Passes raised to $3,600

China parties lose online defamation suit

Two Singaporeans cleared in case that underscores Net anonymity

Didi shows Uber the way to doing business in tough China market

Just a year ago, Travis Kalanick told anyone who would listen that China was Uber Technologies Inc's most pivotal market. He's now waved the white flag.

China, Not Silicon Valley, Is Cutting Edge in Mobile Tech

“China was able to develop a lot of innovative business models, which arose in a different kind of economy,” said Ms. Chang, who spends time in both China and in Menlo Park, Calif. “Whether or not we admit it here in Silicon Valley, it’s had an impact on us and our thinking.”

Monday, 1 August 2016

Bus case another hot potato for President Tsai

In its editorial on Aug 1, the newspaper examines speculation that the driver's death was an act of self-immolation that left Chinese tourists as victims.