Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Beijing orders shutdown of ‘secret’ clubs, restaurants within public parks

The Beijing city government has issued an order to close down all private clubs and high-end entertainment venues set up at the city’s spacious public parks, amid efforts to curb officials’ lavish lifestyles and crack the whip on corruption.

China hails first test of hypersonic nuclear missile carrier

US no longer only one with Mach 10 glider that can outfox defences and deliver nuclear warhead

Sunday, 12 January 2014

US biological weapons tested in Okinawa in 60s

The US army conducted field experiments of biological weapons, which could harm rice cropping, in the Japanese island of Okinawa in the early 1960s, a press report said Sunday.

Hong Kong triads supply meth precursors to Mexican drug cartels

Members of 14K and Sun Yee On crime gangs supplying the notorious Sinaloa cartel with raw materials to produce ‘Ice’ as demand surges