Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Top 10 attractive Chinese Cities for foreigners (aliens)

10. Qingdao
09. Xiamen
08. Tianjin
07. Nanjing
06. Hangzhou
05. Kunming
04. Suzhou
03. Shenzhen
02. Beijing
01. Shanghai


Monday, 6 May 2013

Nights livelier with opening of new bars and a lounge club at Dempsey Hill

Swing by Dempsey Hill on a weekend and you can spot trendy carousers sipping Tsingtao beer from Chinese porcelain cups at the posh 1920s Shanghai-era bar Jiu Zhuang.

The shame of Sichuan’s tofu schools

Parents who lost children in shoddy schools in the 2008 earthquake are still treated like criminals for trying to bring those responsible to book

Sale of 40 tonnes of diseased pork sparks police inquiry

Meat from diseased animals allegedly bought on farms, collected from roads, sold to restaurants

I Love You - Sarah McLachlan

I Will Remember You - Sarah McLachlan

Angel - Sarah McLachlan