Saturday, 5 May 2012

Escape plan of blind activist detailed

On a moonless night on April 22, blind activist Chen Guangcheng began his mad dash from Dongshigu village.

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Status symbol for China’s rich: Mistresses

Public outrage grows over cheating spouses, who include top officials

Coca-Cola apology as drinks canned

Production line shut down at Shanxi plant after chlorine-tainted beverages went out to customers

How to avoid costly fees and enjoy the view

Big increases in entrance charges to scenic sites spark online tips on doing the sightseeing free

Investors take stock of Bo saga

Foreign players head to Chongqing to seek assurance as well as opportunities in the wake of former party chief’s fall from grace

Shandong officials must pay in Chen Guangcheng case

Blind activist’s daring escape highlights need for mainland leaders to accede to his cause and case

Supply of cheap foreign labour drying up

More demanding higher pay; companies going further afield to recruit

Bo's wife dressed as Chinese army general after Heywood death

A woman at the centre of China's biggest political scandal in two decades, wife of deposed political leader Bo Xilai, had once dressed as a military commander last year in a bizarre episode that shines new light on the collapse of Bo's inner circle.