Thursday, 5 January 2012

Forbes China: Top ten safest countries for Chinese overseas investment

Forbes China has released its first overseas investment "risk list" for Chinese investors. Like all risk rankings, they gauged things like regional political stability, government corruption, legal system factors, and indicators of social stability and economic opportunities. Whether the Chinese follow these risk assessments is another thing entirely.

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Guanyu 道 said...

Lowest Risk for Investment:

瑞典 (Sweden)
新加坡 (Singapore)
瑞士 (Switzerland)
丹麦 (Denmark)
芬兰 (Finland)
香港 (Hongkong)
卡塔尔 (Qatar)
卢森堡 (Luxembourg)
台湾 (Taiwan)
荷兰 (Netherlands)

Highest Risk for Investment:
苏丹 (Sudan)
科摩罗 (Comoros)
伊拉克 (Iraq)
乍得 (Chad)
民主刚果 (The Democratic Republic of the Congo)
尼泊尔 (Nepal)
厄立特里亚 (Eritrea)
津巴布韦 (Zimbabwe)
委内瑞拉 (Venezuela)
几内亚 (Guinea)