Saturday, 24 December 2011

Shanxi coal chief fired as graft probe launched

Shanxi’s provincial government has sacked the head of China’s biggest coking coal company after the arrest of two robbers who stole more than 50 million yuan (HK$61 million) worth of cash and valuables from his home last month.

Future sold down the river

Beijing officials are proud of the restoration of a section of the Yongding, but greens say it's a waste of money and ignores an environmental crisis

Ethics training for officials far too late

Civil servants are having classes in moral standards: but the real problem is a lack of proper supervision

Nanjing massacre movie whips up passions as Noda visits

'What horrible people the Japanese are,' said student Zhao Lan, after watching the movie. 'How can they be that crazy and mad!'

Singapore sits moodily atop wealth pole

A disproportionate number of Singaporeans are among the world's wealthiest. So why the blues?

Chinese banks lure depositors despite warnings

On a recent brisk Beijing morning, the competition for depositors was in full swing at a Bank of Communications branch office.

China local debts dwarf ambitions

Provinces go deeper into the red to finish projects - from the Manhattan to highways to a stadium fronted by Olympic rings

A tax weapon that cuts both ways

Government needs invoices to assess taxes but firms avoid issuing them by giving clients freebies

Friday, 23 December 2011

Prices of resale HDB flats seen correcting

While HDB resale prices are expected to remain stable in 2012, with marginal softening of the COVs (cash-over-valuation), leading to an overall price correction of between 1 and 5 per cent, sales volumes could fall slightly as buyers assess their options beyond the resale market.

Rule change would stop firms hoarding land

Mainland property developers should start construction on idle sites within three months of receiving a government order, according to the latest amendments to draft rules aimed at curbing land hoarding.

Thursday, 22 December 2011

Beijing keeps brakes on for homebuyers

Curbs designed to slow down housing development and limit price rises look set to stay in place in many mainland cities, sparking fears of a market slide

Party chief rant lights debate

One city official has brought on praise and mockery over remarks to villagers protesting against land seizures

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Governments in a Hole as Land Sales Plummet

House-price controls have succeeded, but a subsequent property market slowdown is chilling China’s local governments

China another danger spot in world economy

The property bubble - much of it fuelled by credit from the unregulated shadow banking system - is visibly bursting

Sunday, 18 December 2011

As U.S. Looks to Asia, It Sees China Everywhere

The last time the remote Australian city of Darwin played a significant role in American military planning was during the early days of World War II, when Gen. Douglas MacArthur used the port as the base for his campaign to reclaim the Pacific from the Japanese.

Her cheating heart

More wives are straying; changing social attitudes and earning power of women among reasons

As markets plunge, Asia's wealthy flock to art

In a spacious, luxury apartment perched on the leafy hills of Hong Kong, Kai-Yin Lo browses through a trove of Chinese art acquired over several decades, reflecting how her niche, scholarly pursuit has now hit the mainstream.

China villagers threaten to march on government offices

Protesting villagers in southern China said they will march on government offices this week unless the body of a local leader is released and four villagers in police custody are freed.

New breed of Chinese nationals making their way to Singapore

Now that she has made it to the promised land, Hunan native Gong Yan is determined that her new life in Singapore is going to work out even if it did not start out quite as planned.

Dealers raise discounts to spur luxury car sales

Mercedes-Benz and BMW cut prices on the mainland as slowing property and stock markets hit buyers

Foreign schools venturing into smaller cities

Harrow. Dulwich. Wellington. These brand-name British public schools have all set up shop in China, with one of them venturing beyond the big cities of Beijing and Shanghai.