Saturday, 19 November 2011

China distracted by bubbles

Need for emerging markets to be focused on industries in order to be rich

Daiwa downgrades property outlook

It predicts multi-year downturn that will slash private home prices by 22-26% in a 3-year period

Japan balances between U.S. and China over trade, security

Japan assured Asia and key ally United States this week that Tokyo is not choosing sides between Beijing and Washington over sensitive trade and security issues, in a delicate balancing act to avoid past perceived mistakes of upsetting its partners.

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爱情转移 - 陈奕迅

Friday, 18 November 2011

China Said to Warn Banks on Property, Loans

China's banking regulator warned lenders that some projects backed by local governments may run out of funds, and loans to property developers are likely to sour as sales slow, a person with knowledge of the matter said.


China Home Prices Fall Most This Year on Curbs

China's home prices fell in 33 of 70 cities monitored by the government in October, the worst performance since it expanded property curbs and scrapped the reporting of national average housing data this year.


Thursday, 17 November 2011

Beijing must not ease its curbs on the housing sector just when they’re biting

Hu Shuli urges the government to resist the pressure from interest groups to ‘save the market’, and press on with efforts to check speculation and moderate prices

Apple Launches Audit of Chinese Suppliers

Apple has hired an outside specialist firm to help audit the environmental practices of its suppliers in China following a series of critical reports by activists.


Multinationals Turn to China's Version of Twitter

What do the International Monetary Fund, Louis Vuitton and Unilever have in common?

They are the among a clutch of Westerns institutions to join Weibo, China's most popular microblogging platform operated by Sina, which has quickly become the place to be to promote, lobby and win over a large, important audience.


Chinese women rescued from den of vice in Angola

Police from China and Angola have jointly busted a criminal gang that abducted Chinese women and forced them into prostitution in Angola, China's Ministry of Public Security said on Wednesday.


Domestic violence casts an ugly shadow

It never occurred to Li Wei that her second marriage would collapse, and be even uglier than the first. The “reliable, honest and loving” husband she had been looking for turned out to be an ill-tempered bully who beat her repeatedly over nine months.

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Where you stand on China depends on where you sit

Hedge-fund managers in Asia are more upbeat towards China than their counterparts in the U.S. and Europe, according to industry insiders, who see a growing correlation between China outlooks and where clients are based.


Access to full smog data still out of sight

Environment minister says monitoring standards are being revised and won’t be improved overnight

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Why More Women in Beijing Are Delaying Marriage

Beijing retiree Huang Guipu has spent the past two years setting up his 29-year old daughter, Huang Fei, on more than 30 blind dates. Much to Mr. Huang’s chagrin, however, not a single suitor has turned out to be Mr. Right.

Android gobbles up global smartphone share

Google Inc.’s Android mobile operating system gobbled up market share in the third quarter, with unit sales accounting for more than 52% of the global smartphone market, according to data from Gartner Inc. released Tuesday.


Getting Away: Huanglong

High in the mountains of northern Sichuan, the skies are blue, the air is clear, and the landscape is the stuff of legend. Tucked away in a mountain crease, Huanglong National Park (黄龙国家地质公园) is one of southwest China's most spectacular and yet still relatively lesser-known natural areas.


Android is three times bigger than Apple's iOS

Google's Android OS increased its dominance in the mobile operating system market, accounting for a whopping 52.5 per cent of all smartphones shipped globally in the last quarter - nearly three times that of iOS.


Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Napa Valley dreams brew in Jade Valley

There’s much to cheer about in China’s Shaanxi, which dreams of becoming the Napa Valley of the East, while prospects have dimmed for Japan’s TV makers. China Correspondent Grace Ng checks out the wine industry in Shaanxi and Japan Correspondent Kwan Weng Kin reports on Japan’s ailing TV industry.

China to lift ban on Malaysian bird’s nest products

China recognises the presence of natural nitrite in bird’s nest and will lift the import ban on the products from Malaysia after determining a permissible level, Malaysian health minister Liow Tiong Lai said.

Macau junket operators get licence to lend

To get around debt collection issue, they get moneylenders’ licences in China

China vulnerable to asset bubbles, warns IMF

China’s biggest commercial banks face systemic risks if a combination of credit, property, currency and yield curve shocks that could be withstood in isolation were to occur together, the International Monetary Fund warned on Tuesday.

China property market dip may have global impact

China’s property market, a mainstay of the world’s second-largest economy, has started to suffer a downturn that could have a knock-on effect on global trade in commodities, analysts warn.

Rape case sparks calls for reform

Surveillance footage of alleged attack by former police assistant triggers calls to end para-police

China seen as key for iron ore, shipping firms

Market will stay crucial for mining companies and the global dry bulk industry, experts say

Northwest China Wine Challenge

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Sunday, 13 November 2011

Buddhism booms in Beilun

There’s no sandy beach in the Beilun district of Ningbo, Zhejiang province, though it does have one of the country’s largest seaports and a lot more to recommend it.

Government Policies Cool China’s Real Estate Boom

China’s nationwide real estate boom became so manic last year that many would-be buyers camped in tents on the sidewalks of this tropical island city to be at the front of the line when condominiums went on sale — even though the condos had not yet been built.

Zhongshan sets price limit for home sales

City follows Zhuhai in suspending registration of property transactions to control price growth

A city built on borrowed time

The runaway debt crisis affecting Wenzhou’s entrepreneurs underscores the fragility of private-sector finances across the nation

As mainland drifts away from Marx, questions of where to next

Two different political theories are gaining traction about how the country should shape itself

Macau city of bad dreams for many

Residents tell pollsters the casino boom has not improved their lot, as crowds worsen traffic and home prices soar; the government gets a bare pass

Life of ups and downs for ‘jackpot auntie’

Money has come and gone - many times - for hawker who took on casino over $416,000 in winnings


Charity’s statue raises eyebrows

Provincial branch under scrutiny again, this time over money for 400m yuan effigy of Sun Yat-sen’s wife