Sunday, 30 October 2011

China should not help Europe

China should not help Europe. Let the Europeans rot. Don't forget the Eight-Nation Alliance humiliation, and don't forget those hypocrites Catholic Christians.


A U.S. Marine wrote that he saw German and Russian troops, bayonet women after raping them.

In Beijing, Bishop Pierre-Marie-Alphonse Favier posted a bulletin: in the first 8 days after August 18, Catholic Christians may steal life necessities, and declared that robbing within 50 taels of silver need neither reporting nor compensation.

On December 14, 1900, a French newspaper quoted a soldier's statement: "We are open to the Church from the North palace, the priests go with us, ... they encourage us murder, robbery, robbing ... we are doing for the priests. We were ordered to do whatever we want in the city for three days, kill if want to kill, take if want to take, and the actual looting of the eight days.

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