Saturday, 7 November 2009

India feels chill wind from China

Fifty years ago, a young Dalai Lama fled Tibet in south-western China and crossed the border to Arunachal Pradesh in India’s remote north-eastern corner.

China on guard against outside influence

When the Dalai Lama visits the Himalayan region of Arunachal Pradesh tomorrow, he will step right into the heart of a long-running border dispute between China and India.

Not a great trading week; STI up just 7 pts

Perhaps the most worrying thing if you’re a trader has been the dip in daily volume over the past two to three weeks. Sure, the figures appear decent at first glance. Average turnover of just over $1 billion this week, compared to the $500 million-$600 million in the first quarter, appears favourable.

Lowering the Common Denominator

Are today’s youths afflicted with the sloppiness of thought?

Beijing’s ‘Marshall Plan’

China’s foreign policy is about to change, and not entirely by choice. The country’s engagement with the developing world has accelerated markedly in the wake of the economic crisis.

China, tech sector, private equity could be IPO drivers: poll

China, technology and private equity are expected to drive global initial public offering (IPO) activities over the next 12 months, the latest survey by Ernst & Young LLP shows.

Friday, 6 November 2009

Rapist dad traded daughter for whisky

A 33-year old man in Mumbai, India, injected sedatives into his eight-year-old daughter before raping her or sending her out to other men in exchange for cash or whisky.

Lightning dates minus the storms

It is the latest craze among young people in China: Meet new people and share a day of fun together in an unfamiliar city.

Republic of Chinapore

Republic of Chinapore
Attn: Mr Lee Kuan Yew
Prime Minister's Office
Istana Annexe, Orchard Road, Singapore 238823

University hospital death ‘not only one’

The controversial death of a Beijing professor who was allegedly treated by unlicensed medical postgraduates at prestigious Peking University First Hospital is not an isolated case, according to lawyers and relatives of victims.

Combined wealth of China’s richest 40 double in a year

Wang Chuanfu, chairman of battery and car maker BYD Co, is China’s richest man, partly aided by an investment US billionaire Warren Buffett made in his company.

Mustafa hit with writ of summons

Its owner says ‘we’d rather do more business than fight’

Sino-US marriage: Is it on the rocks?

‘SUPERFUSION’ - that’s the name of a new book by Zachary Karabell, which describes how ‘the unique relationship between China and the United States has become the axis of the world economy’. It’s a catchy concept in a world that struggles to find the terms to keep pace with a rapidly changing economy.

Guangzhao duo’s bankruptcy hearing adjourned

The bankruptcy petition filed by Singapura Finance against the chief executive officer and the chairman of Guangzhao Industrial Forest Biotechnology Group will be heard in the chambers on Jan 14.

Too much disclosure can sometimes be bad

However, in light of just how inadequate this model has proven to be in the banking collapse of the past two years, it is necessary to rethink the wisdom of this approach. There may be a need for greater official intervention, monitoring and policing - especially when one ponders the disturbing possibility that more disclosure may not always be good.

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Silly to float Big 4 bank when state is buying back shares

You have to wonder why he is bothering. It makes little sense for Agricultural Bank to go public with a stock offering when the state is busy buying back the shares of banks it sold just a few years ago.

Pirates turn ancient trade into model modern business

When Zhang Zuyue, chief of the Chinese Shipowners’ Association, describes the pirates plaguing the Somali coast as “a beaming new star” in the ancient trade of piracy, he is not exaggerating.

New rule could spur competition

Competition in the accounting sector should rise after implementation of a stock exchange proposal to allow mainland companies listed in Hong Kong to use mainland auditors and accounting standards, according to Winnie Cheung Chi-woon, the chief executive of the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants.

Fake invoice industry continues to thrive

Police who spent three months trying to wipe out cells producing fake invoices say they unearthed an enormous and sophisticated hidden industry.

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Disney gets Beijing approval for Shanghai theme park

The Walt Disney Co has received Beijing’s nod to build a theme park in Shanghai, in a major advance for the media and entertainment company in the tough market ahead of President Obama’s first mainland visit.

Stricter rules for EntrePass get expats worked up

Foreigners who set up businesses here will have to hire Singaporeans

Asian stocks lose some shine for Scotland’s fund managers

Aberdeen, Standard Life cut their holdings citing valuations, earnings

Scotland’s two biggest fund managers say it’s getting tougher to make money from Asian stocks.

Direct marketing gains new clout in Asia

Seeing the growth potential, major firms are using this strategy to sell products in region

What if the US defaults on its debt?

Deprived of credit, defaulting countries in the past have suffered deep economic downturns, hyperinflation, or both

SGX rejects listing of See Hup Seng subsidiary

See Hup Seng said yesterday that a proposal to list its subsidiary Tat Petroleum on the Singapore Exchange mainboard has been rejected by SGX because it may breach its chain listing rule.

China regulator to review developers’ debt levels

China’s banking regulator plans to review debt levels at some real-estate developers on concern the companies’ borrowings are fuelling excessive gains in property prices, a person familiar with the matter said.

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

ChiNext punters playing with fire, state media says

Volatility on the mainland’s new Nasdaq-style market has prompted a wave of finger-wagging from state-owned media, with analysts warning investors of the risks of speculating.

MM’s speech in US draws flak online in China

Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew’s comments that the United States should remain engaged in East Asia have drawn criticism on the website of a state-owned newspaper in China.

Monday, 2 November 2009

China moves pose IPO challenge for SGX

ChiNext’s launch, Shanghai’s planned international board could dim Singapore’s draw

Shadow of protectionism in SGX’s stand on Li Heng

The aborted ‘back-door delisting’ of Li Heng Chemical Fibre may be a closed chapter as far as the Singapore Exchange (SGX) is concerned. But to many market players, the episode remains a talking point, and still raises many questions in its wake.

China's manufacturing growth rate at 18-mth high

PMI issued by the China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing rose to 55.2 in Oct, highest since April ‘08

Sunday, 1 November 2009

Added value in being a scapegoat

The art of giving useful (but ignored) advice

Are Hong Kong shares worth their high prices?

Investors should do the maths on yield, P/E ratios