Saturday, 30 May 2009

Couple found guilty of sending out seditious tracts

A christian couple who mass-mailed evangelical tracts to the public for many years were yesterday found guilty of distributing seditious or objectionable publications to three Muslims.

THEN: Hotshot investment manager, NOW: Fund sues him over FerroChina losses

The fallout from the sudden collapse of debt-laden, Singapore-listed Chinese steel coil-maker FerroChina last October has spread to affect former hotshot investment manager Lee Chong Min.

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Confessions of Chinese Derivatives Deals, Part 3

In this latest instalment, a former investment banker tells how ‘accumulators’ favoured banks at the expense of Chinese clients.

Efficiency’s Urgent Cry for Attention

China’s economy has squeezed a lot of growth out of liquidity, exports and new infrastructure. It’s time to embrace efficiency.

New Nail in the Decoupling Theory Coffin

GDP and industrial production data proves that emerging markets grow in tandem with the developed world – and a lot faster.

CFA much-coveted title despite market collapse

Robert Johnson says non-finance professionals boost demand

Flu outbreak shows importance of giving up smoking

The Department of Health said on Monday the outbreak of human swine influenza had reiterated the need for Hong Kong people to give up smoking.

Hongxing aims to beat foreign players in sportswear sector

China Hongxing Sports, the mainland’s leading sportswear maker, aims to grab a 15 per cent share of the domestic market, as it is confident of getting ahead of foreign rivals in expanding its sales network.

In land of consumers, children are kings

The nation’s little emperors and empresses constitute a sector that can fast-track economic recovery

IPO move may spark sell-off on mainland

Price dilution from fresh listings feared

Liquidity inflow might keep market buoyant

The price of Hong Kong-listed blue chips has soared over the past two months, but investors may still be willing to pay for the mark-up in hopes that recent inflows of liquidity will drive further market gains.

Short-selling fines: are criticisms unjustified?

Judging by recent reports, the Singapore Exchange’s fines for open short-sold positions (or ‘naked’ shorts) introduced last September are considered draconian, inflicting inordinate pain on ignorant - sometimes careless but mainly innocent - retail players.

Shanghai in bid to shake off its negative image

After decades of putting up with criticism and ridicule from other parts of the mainland, the largest city has spoken out against its detractors. A survey sponsored by the local government and conducted by one of its affiliated think-tanks lashes out at the stereotyping of Shanghainese as stingy, arrogant and henpecked.

Don’t single out S-chips

Singapore-listed Chinese stocks, or S-chips, as the market calls them, should not be singled out as the problem child of the stock exchange.

Well-governed S-chips urged to speak up for themselves

They will benefit as investors gain confidence to buy into their stocks

White-collar job market picking up on mainland

The mainland’s white-collar job market is bottoming out amid the global economic crisis, with hiring picking up in certain sectors, say experts.

Sunday, 24 May 2009

Flyers with Lee Bee Wah’s face printed on toilet bowl pasted at BBQ pit outside Nee Soon South RC

A tricky derivative for the market’s ups and downs

Alan Alanson deciphers the callable bull/bear contract in the first of a new series as Road Warrior takes a break