Saturday, 18 April 2009

Survivor of Nanking gets libel damages

Survivor of Nanking gets libel damages

Friday, 17 April 2009

‘Not outside my school’

Shuqun principal stops 2 men from giving out religious books.

I am sure the 2 men are christian.

Citic Pacific’s Crisis: More Real than Rumour

Rumour denials were frequent at Citic Pacific before a police raid and Larry Yung’s resignation confirmed serious trouble.

For Goldman Sachs, A Slower Pay Day is OK

Blankfien’s call for pay reform on Wall Street is probably more posturing than penitence, as the Goldman chief exec knows there’s no wrath like that of angry voters.

Some mainland Q1 loans didn’t reach real economy

About one-fifth of mainland banks’ new first-quarter lending in the form of short-term discounted bills did not flow into the real economy, the official Shanghai Securities News reported on Friday.

New female condom touted in AIDS fight

Advocates hope to see greater use in global fight against AIDS

China Sky CEO faces sale of pledged shares

This could lead to change of control at firm and loss of his CEO position

Beijing-backed party boss too powerful for Guangdong clique

The ongoing anti-corruption storm in Guangdong, which has led to the downfall of several high-ranking officials, shows the political clout and determination of provincial Communist Party secretary Wang Yang to break up entrenched local interests and push forward his reform ideas, political analysts say.

Shenzhen anti-graft officials detained

Corruption scandal in Guangdong widens

Censor tightens control of papers after bogus reports

The top government censor for the print media is to tighten supervision after several Chinese-language newspapers were found to have published a series of untrue articles since January last year.

Detention centre holding Chen faces a graft storm of its own

Taiwan’s top detention centre, where graft-tainted former president Chen Shui-bian is held, is grappling with claims of corruption.

Ming Yi approves S$60,000 loan to PAP MP Ong Seh Hong

The court on Thursday heard that Ming Yi had approved several loans to various staff. Among them, was Dr. Ong Seh Hong who is currently the community hospital’s chief operating officer and clinical director of Ren Ci Hospital and Medicare Centre.

Dr. Ong is also a Member of Parliament for Marine Parade GRC. When contacted by Channel NewsAsia, the MP said he is unable to comment as the trial is still ongoing.

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Shaky Shanghai poses no threat to Hong Kong

If international financial centres could be created by government decree alone, then Singapore would have eaten Hong Kong’s lunch in the mid-1990s, and any remaining crumbs would have been gobbled up by Shanghai in the early years of the present decade.

Despite G-20 Promises, IMF Issues Linger

Unfinished business after the G-20 summit revolves around the IMF, including U.S. funding and China’s membership quota.

Want to find the rich? Look outside the mega cities

Foreign luxury brands looking to win in mainland need to reach into cities that are barely known to the rest of the world but are home to startling and fast-growing wealth, a series of studies shows.

Loan Sharks

Thaksin granted Nicaragua passport

Thailand’s former leader Thaksin Shinawatra now has a Nicaraguan passport, complicating efforts to extradite him as Thai authorities pressed ahead Thursday with a search for his supporters accused of leading violent riots in Bangkok.

The Nicaraguan government announced late Wednesday it had named Thaksin a “Nicaraguan ambassador on a special mission” to bring investment to the Central American country and issued him a passport in January.

Menstrual blood ‘fed to employer’

An Indonesian domestic helper appeared in court yesterday accused of trying to put menstrual blood in her employer’s food. Indra Ningsih, 26, was charged with one count of administering a poison or other destructive or noxious substance with an intent to injure.

MAS takes insider trading case to court

In the first civil suit it has ever filed, the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) is suing a former employee of WBL Corporation for alleged insider trading.

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

New Jaguar XJ

China Needs To Keep The Party Going

China had better give us some good news on Thursday

Tai-tai: I visit club because I can’t resist temptation

‘I’d feel something was missing if I had to skip one of my regular visits to the club.’

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Understanding Sovereign Wealth Funds

The launch of the Santiago Principles should effectively clear away negative impressions and confusion over sovereign wealth funds.

A Realistic Prognosis for Medical Reform

China’s new health care reform plan provides for better care and protection, but not universal public access and coverage.

Male infertility rate on the rise in Shanghai

In an increasingly mobile and competitive world, even one’s manhood is under threat. Forget about grooming or making more money. It’s time men started watching out for their sperm.


Next resistance 1.17.


Back to General Offer price 0.330?


Yanlord 1.58 tomorrow?


Good chance to test 1.82 tomorrow.

Migrant workers likely to visit illegal clinics despite deaths

Uninsured migrant workers are still likely to visit illegal clinics in Beijing even though fellow workers have died in such places, according to state media.

South Korea fears rise of China, citing trade rivalry

South Korea expressed concern yesterday about China’s rise as a global economic power, saying its own economic growth could be harmed.

Wells Fargo Q1 Profits Packed with Accounting Gain

It appears, however, that as much as nearly one-third of the bank’s first quarter earnings may be nothing more than the result of an accounting treatment; without such a move, tangible common equity would be 10 bps less than the 3.1 percent the Street expects.

Goldman Pushes Stock Issue in Plan to Escape U.S. Grip

Goldman Sachs Group Inc., frustrated at federally mandated pay caps, has been plotting for months to get out from under the government’s thumb.

Expect more bottoms: Jim Rogers

Equity markets may dip below recent lows as more troubles lie ahead in the financial market, investor Jim Rogers says.

Taxpayer Funded Goldman Sachs Profits

This is theft on the sort of grand scale that calls for the population to revolt. Perhaps the French peasants were right; Time to bring the guillotine for executing nobles and bankers. . .

Double Dipping in 2010

Asset prices have started to climb again, but their rise stems from a bear-market bounce, opening the door for a second global dip in 2010.

The last structural bear market happened in the 1970s and lasted for ten years. It is obviously difficult for investors to stay on the sideline for a decade. After all, how long does one live? This is why a structural bear market swallows more and more people through such rallies. The ones that jump in later tend to be more patient and probably smarter. I am afraid that the current bear market won’t end until it brings down Warren Buffett.

Monday, 13 April 2009

Pay for research, please

Poor market sentiment and trading volumes have taken a toll on broking fees and commissions. This has raised concerns over whether the challenging conditions may direct brokerage-backed research towards stocks that can better attract the volumes and revenues for the broking houses.

CIMB-GK offers paid research

It assures that research will remain independent from paying issuer

Yanlord reports 2b yuan sales as market rebounds

Yanlord Land Group, which focuses on investments in mainland properties, says it had secured 2 billion yuan (HK$2.27 billion) in property sales in the first quarter, representing nearly 40 per cent of what it achieved for all of last year.